Integrated Nutraceuticals

What Are Nutraceuticals?

In these days of soaring health care costs, it is reasonable for consumers to take advantage of every safe, affordable self-care option at their disposal. Health recommendations about diet, exercise, mammograms, flu shots, fats, carbs, are all constantly changing, and whether policy changes with it or not, people need to take charge of their health and base their health-care decisions on objective information that helps them minimize potential risks and optimize potential benefits:

WellPro Vitamins private labels ProThera®, Inc. which manufactures an extensive selection of nutraceutical products. ProThera’s Klaire Labs® division offers hypoallergenic probiotics, enzymes, and specialty formulas. Products are specifically designed for you based on 50 years formulation experience.

…we deliver:

WellPro offers a vitamin deficiency test. This test can be ordered though our own website With that test you can create a custom supplement pack where they can come in one cellophane packet,  accomplishing several of your goals at once. It eliminates confusion over how many of each separate supplement to take, making it easier to stay on their supplement program either at home or away. And, since this specific nutrient combination can be found in one place, so its easy to receive monthly recurring refills.